I was born in Budapest in 1982.


From my early age I was visiting

painting exhibitions with my

parents, where as they told I was

excited about the most colorful


As a child and a teenager I drew all

the time, mainly portraits, and

always enjoyed to dive into books

about painting.

I started to paint with oil when 

I was 23, learnt in a self-taught



I got my first acknowledgement at the age of 10, when I won a prize on an international 

art competition in New Delhi, India. 

I had my own exhibitions in Budapest, also took part in a travelling exhibition in

The Netherlands.

My paintings can be found in German, English, Dutch and Hungarian collections.

I believe my paintings find their owner by fate, on a certain purpose. 

I put more contrast, brighter colors into my paintings than reality. 

My interest is to draw people's attention this way towards that kind of hidden truth 

what should not be ignored.

My portraits aim to show pure feelings without unnecessary frippery.

To tell about human behaviour, reality in all details.

As you look into their eyes they create connection with all senses, show feelings

what we try to hide in our overwhelmed, everday life.